Did you create fireworks this weekend? If not, ask yourself what you can do to spark fireworks in your relationship. Try a novel move. Too many couples have the same moves and follow the same scenario every time. Consider your routine, do you always go to bed following the same steps? Habits make us who we are and keep us safe-- and can become boring. 

Pay attention as you follow your steps to prepare for bed. Notice what you do. Is there any space along the way to pay more attention to your partner? Is the tv on in your bedroom? Turn it off. Instead, turning on romantic music with a smile and a wink can bring goosebumps to your partner. Is there a place to take a moment to make a promise about what the night will bring? Consider taking extra time to smooth aphrodisiac oil on your partner or whisper an unexpected compliment in their ear. Do you touch your partner along the way? If not, look for ways to add a touch or brush to the arm or neck. Vary the location of where you come together. Even changing the room within your own home can bring some excitement. Consider laying out a sexy outfit, as a promise for some fun later. 

The goal is to build excitement by making a promise about what will happen later. Making small changes can add fireworks to the bedroom.

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